What you can get from cisotrade.com

Due to the factor of exchange rate and up-growing costs of labor in China, MADE IN CHINA has lost the high attractiveness to global buyers as year ago. The buyers that still purchase from China, face many problems, especially when they are wholesalers & distributors, or purchasing department of large manufacturers, as their orders cover many series of products and wide range of sizes, but quantity of each size is not as big as the factories would be pleased to accept to arrange mass production, then they have to take much time to make the long list of demands, search and enquire of too many suppliers, compare the prices and samples, even come to China to visit the factories and suppliers, after all these troublesome things, they have to collect their demands from many different suppliers. The suppliers will change prices, quality matter occurs, delivery time can’t be guaranteed, or even some suppliers closed their company or factories. Then the suffering process repeats again.


In fact, going to exhibitions, like Canton Fair, PTC-Asia, or using Alibaba.com, Mada-in-China.com or other industry websites can’t help the buyers to solve the above problems radically. CISOTrade.com will help you much. You can easily get even all standard and commonly-used industrial parts and components, make the enquiry list or place order on line. You can get the lowest price for each part, and the most discounted price when you increase your quantity. When you refresh your enquiry or order at your user center, you can get the latest prices. We will collect all products from different factories and arrange one shipment for you. No matter which factory will change, it will not influence you.


We strictly select the factories and their products, to secure the high quality. Once any problem occurs, we will stop the factory. Any received products not matching the relative standards or requirements of buyers, we will replace them or compensate correspondingly.


Any ideas or suggestions from you to improve our system and service will be highly appreciated. Whenever you have question or need help, please contact us. Let’s do better together! Thanks!