Cross Reference of Parker P/N to CISO P/N of SteckO (Staple-Lok) couplings

After you find CISO P/N equivalent to Parker's, search CISO P/N in web engine to achieve the product quickly.

CISO Parker Description
2IY-B S27 Swivel female banjo
BS/A S28 Bonded seal
720B S29 Banjo bolt
7Y S30 Fixed female str.
3Y S32 Swivel female str.
3Y4 S35 Swivel female 45° elb.
3Y9 S40 Swivel female 90° elb.
7Y9 S45 Fixed female 90° elb.
DY S50 Swivel female Tee
GY S55 Fixed female Tee
ZY S60 Fixed female Cross
YY S70 Fixed female Y-piece
2Y S72 MSO-SFSO str.
2Y4 S74 MSO-SFSO 45° elb.
2Y9 S76 MSO-SFSO 90° elb.
EY S77 SFSO-SFSO-MSO branch tee
FY S78 MSO-SFSO-SFSO run tee
HY S78 MSO-FFSO-FFSO run tee
2NY S80 Swivel female X NPTF male
2NY4 S90 Swivel female X NPTF male 45° elb.
2NY9 S95 Swivel female X NPTF male 90° elb.
2NY9-L S97 Swivel female X NPTF male 90° elb. Long
2OY S100 Swivel female X MORB
2OY4-OG S105 Swivel female X MAORB 45° elb.
2OY9-OG S110 Swivel female X MAORB 90° elb.
2OY9-OG-L S112 Swivel female X MAORB 90° elb. Long
2BY S115 Swivel female X MBSPP
2GY S116 Swivel female X MBSPP O-ring
2ZY S117 Swivel female X MBSPP bonded seal
3BY9 S118 Swivel female X FBS  90° elb.
3BY4 S119 Swivel female X FBS 45° elb.
1Y S120 SteckO male str.
1NY S125 SteckO male X NPTF male
1NY-L S130 SteckO male X NPTF male Long
1NY-LL S135 SteckO male X NPTF male X-Long
1OY S140 SteckO male X MORB
1OY-L S145 SteckO male X MORB Long
1OY-LL S150 SteckO male X MORB X-Long
1BY S155 SteckO male X MBSPP
1GY S156 SteckO male X MBSPP O-ring
5YB S157 SteckO male X FMBSPP
9Y-CAP S160 Female end cap
4Y S165 SteckO male plug
U-Y S170 Staple
U-Y Z1 S170-ZN Staple
U-Y SS S175 Staple
S180 O-ring
S195 Back-up washer
S200 Plastic cap